Carl Junction Summer Fresh Re-opening as Cash Saver 10/26

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The Summer Fresh store in Carl Junction, MO  on 1300 E. Pennell is switching to a Cash Saver store starting 10/26/12. Summer Fresh (Carl Junction location only) will be closing Sunday night at 9:00pm 10/21/12 and will then re-open 10/26 at 7:00am as the new Cash Saver store. I checked, this is the only Summer Fresh location that is currently making this switch, all other Summer Fresh locations will remain the same (according to the manager I spoke with anyway). Also, it doesn’t look like any kind of ad will be made available for the new Cash Saver store, the reason given was to “keep costs down”.

How Cash Saver works (according to their ad, pictured below):
Cash Saver Cost Food Plus Outlet “prices every item at cost, then 10% is added at checkout. No card or membership is required. Product cost is determined by the expense it takes to buy & get it from their suppliers to the shelf. All the prices on the shelves will be at cost and will have 10% added at checkout.”


    • Fritzie says

      Andrea, if you get a chance to stop by your new Cash Saver, let us know what you think of it. I’ll probably have to go to ours when it first opens just out of curiosity. 😉

  1. Regina says

    Sounds weird. In order to actually find out the price that you will pay, you will have to do the math in the aisle of adding 10% to what it says on the shelf.

    • Fritzie says

      Yeah, at least it’s 10%, but it’s nice to have the pricing up front to without stopping to figure out the math. I’m extremely curious how the pricing will be. With their wording of what cost is: “Product cost is determined by the expense it takes to buy & get it from their suppliers to the shelf,” call me skeptical, but it makes me think they could add any number of expenses on top of the cost, but we shall see! :)