Praying For All of Us Here in Joplin, Missouri (Updated)

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UPDATE #2: For all of you that have generously asked how you can help, I have started an online donation drive HERE.

UPDATE: Hi all, thanks SO much for all your messages and offers for help. I lost my phone line right after I posted this, but I now have it again (still no power & cell phone still out, but thankfully working off neighbor’s generator). Anyway, now that I have communication again, I’m planning an online drive & will get be posting as soon as I get something coordinated. I’ll be in touch very soon hopefully where items can be mailed & I will personally see to it that items are distributed where they are needed. Again, thank you so much! I will post again as soon as I have a plan in place.

As you probably know, my town Joplin, Missouri was hit Sunday evening by a tornado. 116 are now confirmed dead with many more injured. Storms are continuing through Joplin & are expected to continue through the next few days, so please keep us in your prayers. I am absolutely devastated at the loss, damage & heartbreak people are going through and I hope to come up with a plan to help as soon as is possible. Thanks so much for all the kind messages & prayers left here & on Facebook. We’re fine, we were very, very lucky & I thank God that we made it (Thanks God. I love you!). At this point, while my phone line is currently working (and that could change at any time), my cell phone is down & while I can call out long distance, I have been unable to reach anybody within Joplin. While we have sustained some damage, we were one of the lucky ones, we live on the edge of where the destruction took place. I am currently without power (as expected) and have my refrigerator & computer plugged in to my next-door neighbor’s generator (Thanks Burt, you’re the best). My regular internet is understandably down, but I managed to get dial-up late this afternoon. I’ll check in when I can and thanks again for the prayers all!


  1. says

    It is so sad! I am about an hour south on the MO/AR border. I just went through my stockpile this afternoon to send up to Joplin to help out those in need.

  2. Julie H says

    So glad to hear that you & yours are okay! Let us all know what we can do to help.

  3. Teresa says

    This is such a tragedy. I’m glad to hear that you are okay. I live about 120 miles east of Springfield MO and there are several churches and outreaches that are already collecting supplies to send your way.

  4. Jeanette says

    So glad your ok and thinking of all those who are suffering there. I live not too far away and we had hail and a storm…and small tornado/wind damage in this area…nothing like what you all went through!

  5. Jacque says

    I am so sorry for you and your townspeople. God bless all of you and keep you safe from further harm. So glad you are safe.

  6. Mindy Greene says

    Glad to hear you are ok. I live in Jasper only 25 miles away, and I work in Joplin, it makes my heart sink looking at all the photos, I go back to work tomorrow and I know I will be in shock when I see the damage to the area. Praying for everyone still missing and all the medical workers, and rescuers.

  7. Christy A. says

    Glad to hear you’re ok. Hope you stay safe through the rest of it…I know we’re supposed to get hit here in Kansas again tomorrow… :/

  8. Stacy says

    I love your blog and would like to donate items to the area. I would be happy to bring items to donate and supplies for the animal shelter. Do you know where things can be taken to? I am from about an hour south of Springfield and do not know the Joplin area very well.

  9. says

    So glad to hear you are okay. The destruction and lives lost is just so sad. I just recently found your blog (1 week ago) and had no idea until now that you were from Joplin. I used to teach in W.C. until moving for my husband’s job. So far all of the former students I knew that moved to the area are okay. My husband has been in Joplin for over 24 hours and is helping with the missing person reports. Again, so glad to hear that you are okay. It is going to be a long road ahead, but many people are pulling together through prayer, work efforts and donations so hopefully it will all be overcome.

  10. Andrea says

    I didn’t know you were there, I am so sorry and have been in constant prayer for your community. I live in Lebanon and many from our Sheriff’s office and emergency management are there helping and will continue to do so. Again, prayers and blessings to you.

  11. Kay Housewright says

    I, too, am new and had no idea that you were from Joplin. I am glad to hear that you are alright. We have been praying for everyone involved in this terrible disaster. I live in Ozark, just south of Springfield so we feel like we are neighbors to the people of Joplin. God will be with you and everyone else who calls upon Him for help in recovering from all of this. We will continue to lift all of you up to our Lord in prayer.

  12. Yoly says

    Hi Fritzie – I’m just one of your many followers (in New Hampshire) who would like to wish you and your community strength, courage and hope in this heartbreaking time. Please let us know how you are doing in the coming days and weeks. We will be thinking of you and sending our prayers and support.

  13. says

    I’ve been following you for awhile but didn’t know you were in Joplin! So glad to hear you are okay. I am up in KC and I know there are many teams here working to get relief down to you all! Thoughts and prayers headed your way!

  14. Lynn says

    God Bless You! I am so glad to know that you are okay. I continue to watch the devastation and thank God that we are okay. Me and my family live in Nixa, Missouri and watched the storms come through and the total devastation that happened to Joplin. My prayers are with you and your town.

  15. says

    I just wanted to let you know that the people in the Aurora/Monett area are praying for you and all those affected. Monett schools and our little homeschool group are getting collections together now to send your way. Please keep us posted on ways we can help. Glad you are okay!

  16. Elaine Corwin says

    I knew you were from the area, but didn’t realize you were from Joplin. So thankful you are ok – praying for those who are so devastated.

  17. says

    Good to hear that you are safe. Lots of prayers going out to those who have lost loved ones, homes, and more!

  18. Stacy-Ann says

    I am so happy to hear that you and your loved ones are well. You and your family and friends are in my prayers!

  19. Missy says

    I am glad to hear you’re safe. Please know that lots of prayers are going your way as you, your neighbors, and friends deal with this tragedy. If you hear of a donation center that we can send supplies to please let us know. I’m sure lots of us have items in our stockpile that we can donate. My church is going to mail our donations in the Priority Mail boxes so our shipping cost will not be determined by the weight.

  20. Tara says

    Oh my goodness! I did not realize you live in Joplin. I am so sorry for all that has happened. The whole country is thinking of and praying for your city. Love to you!

  21. Donna says

    Prayers for you and the town of Joplin. I dropped off some supplies at our church tonight. They will be on their way with a trailer tomorrow morning. The devastation is absolutely heartbreaking and I’m glad you are okay. Big hugs to you.

  22. Rachel says

    I live in Clever just southwest of Springfield. We know a few people who are safe but lost everything. My friends and family are gathering items for them. Let me know if there is anything you need! Praying for you and others in Joplin!

  23. Michelle says

    This is what I just posted on another couponing site……..

    I live about 15 miles from Joplin, Mo…..Weve been hit HARD by the tornados here, then it rained all day yesterday on top of that….and today we might see another tornado and rain….. My family and I all loaded up about 6pm Sunday night with water and sandwhiches to pass out to anyone who needed them. We drove around Joplin asking ppl on the side of the road if they needed anything….most said no were fine but thank you for asking. We gave a lady a ride who was walking with a cane down a busy street, she wanted to go see if her mom was ok in a nursing hm 3 blks away….we never made it to the nursing hm, we were told it was gone by ppl walking from that direction. So sad!!! My hubby is a tow truck driver and he said hes never seen anything like what he had to go tow and cleanup that night….the flying J truckstop is gone and alot of the trucks and trailers in there lot were stacked 1 right after another on top of each other….I can not put in to words what we saw Monday night……I am in Joplin so much probably 3 times a week, shopping, hanging out with friends, ect. I never thought Id go there and not no where I was……Things and places that use to be there are now gone making it difficult to know where u are. I know that Joplin is taking donations, but in 1 day they got so much donated they were asking ppl to wait a few days before making anymore donations…..I really think that in about 2-3 weeks ppl will be needing supplies as they are put into new places to live……If anyone wants to donate any items I am willing to recieve the items and take them where they are needed most. I have about 3 big tots filled from my stock pile I am donating plus some food and a wheelchair. We are heading back out today with more water and sandwhiches for the firefighters and rescue crews. We bought enough bread and peanut butter to make 125 sanwhiches and 4 cases of water. Sorry my post is so long…..Please keep the ppl in Joplin in your prayers were all gonna need it!!!

    I just found your site a few weeks ago FrugalFritzie…did not relize you lived in Joplin….Im so happy to hear you and your family are safe!!! If u would like to work together to make donations where they are needed please let me know. I know everyone in Joplin will be needing items from now till months from now and Id love to help….you can reach me at freecoupons at suddenlink dot net please put Joplin in the subject…thanks

  24. Jessica says

    I am so glad to hear your safe. I am a St. Johns worker in Springfield. My heart goes out to everyone in Joplin and I can’t wait to get there to lend a hand along with all my other fellow co-workers. As of right now I’m on a long list of St. Johns workers that are awaiting a call to go. I want to help so badly. My husband and I are donating blood tomorrow and I am currently cleaning out my stock pile. I am so glad that I can help with my coupon finds. I hope the storms to come are calm and I will keep you and Joplin in my prayers.

  25. Mary says

    I live North of Webb City, about 10 minutes from the damaged areas, but Joplin is where I ‘go to town’. Our Church is in Joplin and so many friends and family. Thank God all of my family is safe. We’ve lost at least 4 friends who did not survive and many lost their homes. Please pray for Joplin, MO. God Bless everyone.

  26. Nora says

    So glad to hear that you are ok….my family is ok as well. Our old home that we had moved out of recently did not make it, we lived by St. John’s then. Just seems so unreal all that is gone….so hard to grasp..Praying for all the families affected, praying for all those helping, Just praying constantly. It is going to take a long time to recover from this. Again it is just so hard to fully grasp all that has happened….

  27. Cathy says

    Glad to hear your ok. My husband’s and my work sent water and some supplies yesterday. Please reach out if you know of needs.

  28. Rebecca says

    Glad to hear you are ok. We used to live on Pennsylvania Street just southeast of St.John’s. Can’t imagine the house is still standing. We moved to Saint Joseph several years ago. Still have friends down there we have not heard from. Praying for all the families affected.

  29. Kayla says

    Reminds me of the tornado that swept through Greensburg, KS several years ago and yet I’m still in disbelief at how damaging these storms can be. We have family in Joplin and praise the God of the universe that they were all spared as well. The whole town and you are definitely in my prayers.

  30. Lisa says

    I’m so glad to hear you are ok. I didn’t realize you were from Joplin. I live in Ozark MO, just south of Springfield and just recently found your site thanks to some women from our church. My prayers go out to you and everyone in Joplin during this devastating time.

  31. Gail says

    We are praying for all of you in Joplin. We are in Branson. If you would like, you could email me with phone numbers of those you cannot reach in Joplin and I will try calling them for you. I have experienced disaster in the past and understand the emotions and feelings. Please let me know if I can help.

  32. says

    Hi Fritzie…I too live in Joplin. We were very fortunate as well, but not all of our family was. A family member was killed also. I have electricity now, but no phone, internet, or cable. I am at work today outside of the city of Joplin and able to get on internet and read your post. Joplin as we and others know no longer exist. It is extremely sad to see the devastation and heartbreak. Everyone, please continue to pray for our city. The tornado that ripped through the center of Joplin contained two cyclones within the tornado its self. The worst tornado in the history of recorded weather events.

  33. Christina says

    I’ll be praying for all those still missing in Joplin…I cleaned out my stockpile today and donated to OTC in Springfield. I, too, am waiting on a call to go down and help, but while I am stuck here, if I can do anything at all, don’t hesitate to ask.

  34. Heather says

    I didn’t know you were from Joplin either. I grew up in Oronogo and all of my family lives in Joplin. I now live in Springfield and work for St Johns here working for on the St John’s in Joplin. I was down in Joplin last night as I had family who I hadn’t heard from yet. I could not believe it! If you need anything at all let me know. I would be glad to help! Last night I took several of my items I had stock piled down and dropped them off at a church in Joplin. I am glad to hear you are okay and will be praying for you.

  35. Kristy says

    Praying for your town, it’s so sad to look at the pictures and think about what it was just a few days ago. So much loss and devastation. Our town is sending down several truckloads of donations. If there is anything we can do from a distance, please let us know!!

  36. Marcy says

    I have been following your blog since February and have learned so much from it. I live about 60 miles from Joplin in Willard and am just heartbroken over the devistation your town has endured. It was all the couponing I have been doing that enabled me to donate so much of my stockpile to relief efforts. Thank you for that:) Your town will remain in my prayers.

  37. Linda says

    So happy to find you. I ran into a follower of yours in the Harps store in Grove and she gave me your address, I have two daughters in Joplin who coupon, one of them was in the heart of the tornado but her life was spared by the grace of God. We are bracing for more storms here tonight, be safe!

  38. Sarah says

    Just took my stockpile to a donation drop-off in Springfield. We are praying for you and your town. Hope it isn’t made worse by tonight’s storms! Lord, please watch over these folks and their loved ones. Take them in your care mentally and physically. We praise you for those who have been rescued and those who’s lives were spared. May God bless you in these times and keep you safe.

  39. Princessbooboo says

    Hi! I am so glad to hear you are ok.

    I have a question. I live in Lawrence, KS area and I want to donate as much things as possible. How can I donate my stockpile to Joplin? Are there places where I can drop off in Kansas?


  40. Tamara B. says

    I have been watcing the tv coverage and it just breaks my heart for all of you there! So thankful you are ok! Prayers to you and everyone in Joplin :)

  41. amy says

    Glad to hear you are ok. This was my Dillons also. We live about 15 miles from joplin. We are all okay as well.

  42. Stacey says

    Glad to hear from you Fritzie. I was hoping you were ok. Many prayers still going out, and I’m proud that God has blessed me with a stockpile that I can donate from. I hope it helps, even if it’s just a small way.

  43. says

    I am days behind in my email and just saw this post. I am glad to hear that you’re OK. We have had some very rough weather here in the North Texas region lately too. Last night the siren in my backyard went off three times. This has been a very bad year so far and it’s not over yet. I just skipped ahead in my emails and see you’re back to posting articles so that’s good to see. Take care Fritzie!

  44. Alma says

    Frugal Fritzie- Thank you so very very much for your heartfelt help and prayers to help our community heal and rebuild. To all of you who read this awesome post. Please know that everyone here is so grateful for all of the support, prayers, and assistance from near and far. It’s so humbling to see such an outpooring of help for our poor city. We need will need support and strength to overcome this great tragidy. I am a nurse and volunteer- I stepped away from helping today to try to have a since of normallcy and did some couponing…it doesn’t quite feel normal here and probably won’t for a while. Thank you again for all of your support.