Operation Backyard Recovery: Free Trees in Joplin on Saturday 9am-Noon

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The Wildcat Glades Conservation & Audubon Center program Operation Backyard Recovery kicks off this Saturday 4/21/12 and thousands of free trees will be distributed. The event runs from 9:00am to Noon at the following locations:
In Joplin

  • Cunningham Park
  • Parr Hill Park
  • 2608 S. Main

In Duquesne

  • City Hall

This initiative was started to help reconstruct Joplin. Along with the Free Native Tree Seedlings, Native Shrubs, Wildflower Seed and Birdhouses will also be distributed to those impacted by the tornado. See here for more details.

I live in South Joplin and when the tornado hit, it basically took away everything I was familiar with. It took away my neighborhood, it took away lives and it took away people’s homes along with the trees and plants, leaving scarred skeletons that used to be trees and barren land for miles around. So, to have events like this means more than words can ever express. Thank you Nature Center, the Community Foundation of Southwest Missouri and all the people involved to bring this amazing recovery effort together.