My Aldi Shopping Trip (Plenty of deals even without an ad!)

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So I ran to Aldi this week to pick up a few things and to see what unadvertised deals I could spot since we didn’t get an ad this week . And let me tell you, not having an ad did not deter me from shopping at Aldi this week one bit. Having shopped around a lot of different stores (and I do mean a LOT), I have found Aldi to be one of the best places, not just for best buys, but also the convenience and speed of it. Yes, I can still get better deals on some items with coupons and I definitely go to other stores for coupon deals, but I have found Aldi a very reliable source for many items, especially produce and milk. And, no I don’t work at Aldi or know anybody that does, nor did I get paid anything to say these things, I just like Aldi that much. LOL

Anyway, I didn’t find anything too spectacular in produce this week ¬†and since I still had plenty of produce from last week’s huge produce haul, I passed and stocked up on a few other items.

  • Kirkwood Chicken Thighs – $0.99 lb., $4.67
  • Large Eggs (dozen) – $1.12
  • Skim Milk (gallon) – $2.56
  • Hot Pork Rinds – $0.89
  • 2 Peanut Butter & Crackers – $0.99 (my mil’s favorite snack right now)
  • Saltines (16 oz.) – $0.89
  • AquaPur Water (24 pk. bottles) – $2.29
  • Jumbo Franks (16 oz.) – $0.99
  • Bologna (16 oz.) – $0.99
  • Split Wheat Bread (20 oz.) – $0.99
  • 2 Big Dipper Chips – $1.19 ea.
  • Final Cost $20.70


  1. Amy says

    I second your thoughts about Aldis. Our family LOVES it. Hubby likes some of their stuff better than the name brands. Tortilla chips is one of them. Great place to shop!