Dillons Coupon Policy Change Effective 8/30 UPDATE!

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FINAL UPDATE: 9/1/10: Current Coupon Policy HERE

UPDATE #3: Check out the latest on the coupon policy HERE, it looks like this new policy was an error from corporate all along & was never meant to be issued to the Dillons stores! I’m waiting to hear back the full details from Dillons Corporate & will update with all the details later today! Thanks to everyone for all their calls to Dillons Corporate to try and get this all figured out!

UPDATE #2: Again, for everyone that has a Dillons store telling you that they are no longer doubling coupons over $0.50 (i.e. $0.55 to $1.00), they may have the incorrect information. According to information Lisa (see comments), I & others have received from Dillons Corporate Customer Service via phone 1-800-362-2183, ONLY store #300-325 are not doubling coupons over $0.50. Some of these stores that are enforcing the non-doubling policy over $0.50 may be getting the wrong memo/coupon policy. You can call Dillon’s Corporate number like Lisa did (thanks Lisa!) with the Springfield Battlefield location to make sure the correct policy is used. The Joplin location also appears to be straightened out and are now aware of the correct policy. It may take a few days to iron out all the details, but if we all stay on top of this, we can at least be sure to have the correct policies in place. Whew!

UPDATE: Ok, I finally got through to Dillons Corporate Customer Service & got further information:
First of all, most stores will have the same general policy, but each store can change the rules at their discretion. The person I talked to on the phone said that there should be a coupon policy at each store that the customer can view. I told him that that at my Dillons, they would not let me look at the coupon policy and he said they were incorrect in doing that.
In my region (Southwest Missouri):

  • The doubling will continue (ie $0.55 coupons will still double to $1.00, the customer service lady at the store told me otherwise with the new policy in her hand, but the corporate customer service person I talked to on the phone said this was incorrect. I guess we shall see!)
  • No longer accepting expired coupons
  • No longer accepting E-coupon with manufacturer’s coupons (the E-coupon will take priority over the paper manufacturer coupon)
  • Limit of IPs is at each store’s discretion, check with your store for their policy. If the coupon does not scan, it will not be accepted. Black & white IPs will also not be accepted. FREE IPs will not be accepted either.
  • With a BOGO sale, you cannot use a BOGO coupon to get 2 items free (sighhhh, I know, I know!) I tried to reason why this should be accepted, but no-go (in my opinion, it shouldn’t be a problem using a BOGO coupon on a BOGO sale. Here’s how I see it: The store is giving you one item free & the manufacturer is giving you one item free with the coupon. But, apparently Dillons doesn’t see it that way.

Now, please keep in mind, I am doing my best to get all of us Dillons shoppers accurate information, but your store’s policy may vary from the above. I HIGHLY recommend that you contact Dillons or ask to see the coupon policy at your store. If I can help anyone, or anyone has any questions, I’ll be glad to try and help. :)

I just got word in about drastic changes in Dillons’ coupon policy and I’m sorry folks, but it’s not good news. Here’s a few of the changes, effective 8/30:

  • Coupons will only double up to $0.50 (ie, $0.55 coupons will no longer double to $1.00)
  • Limit of 2 IPs (internet printables) per transaction
  • No longer accepting expired coupons
  • No longer able to stack Manufacturer’s coupons with E-coupons

Now, please keep in mind while I did speak to someone in customer service with the coupon policy in her hands, I have not yet been able to see the actual policy with my own eyes yet (I asked her for a copy, that was a no-go, she wouldn’t even let me look at it for myself). I have contacted Dillons about their new policy, when I hear something back in writing, I’ll update this post. You can email Dillons HERE or call them at 1-800-362-2183. Personally, I am very disappointed in this drastic policy change and I know I’ll be shopping at other stores more & Dillons less in the future.

Thanks to Stacey & Cathy for the heads up on this new policy!


  1. Candace says

    WoW I hope this is not true…I only have Dillons and Wal-Mart to shop at and just started couponing and shopping mostly at Dillons…this is really going to hurt their business…I sent them an email about it. Thanks for the Heads up!!

  2. Christy says

    Only 2 IPs per transaction? Does that mean for your whole grocery cart you can only use two?

  3. Amy says

    That is horrible! I haven’t been couponing for long and the choices in town are Dillons or Wal-Mart! UGH… I left a comment on the Dillons website so hopefully if enough of us complain they will fix it. Finally Walgreens has a coupon policy and Dillons is going backwards on theirs!! UGH..

  4. says

    Would love to work with you on a Campaign to get this coupon policy revised! I am a Kansas Coupon Blogger and I believe we have some great readers that will help us! Please email me at coupondealsandsteals(at)gmail(dot)com if you are interested!
    I don’t think Dillons realizes this will only hurt them!

  5. Sheri says

    As of right now, the Kansas side (at least my store) says nothing has changed. Wondering why it is taking place in Missouri and not here?

  6. Amy says

    I had reprimaded by a cashier a few weeks ago about using a MQ and E-coupon on the same item. She just said that “they will be making sure it doesn’t happen in the future” but didn’t say anything about any other changes =( This makes me sad because I just ordered some coupons that were .55/1 just because I knew Dillons would double them to $1…I am very close to a Kansas Dillons as well though so if their policy isn’t changing I might make a special trip once in a while to stock up on certain things. I hope all of us sending an email will maybe make them rethink things.

  7. Amy says

    Sorry the first sentence of my previous post should say “I was reprimaded by a cashier..” Should of reread it before I pushed send =)

  8. Mary says

    I’m very disappointed to hear of this. If this is true, I will be taking my business back to Walmart.

  9. Norma says

    My daughter called and our store in Kansas said they knew nothing about it. I emailed them and said how I do all my grocery shopping there even tho I have to drive a 60 mile round trip to get to the closest Dillons and that if they change their policy it will be questionable rather it would be prudent for me to do so. I agree, if we flood them with calls and e-mails maybe it will open there eyes to how this may not be the smartest business move for them to make!

  10. says

    It is true folks. I stopped by Dillons this morning for my normal Monday morning grocery shopping and I heard a manager explaining it to an employee. They were even going over the fine print because they wanted to fully understand the policy. She told me they changed it to keep people from clearing out the shelves.

  11. Carrie says

    This is so dissappointing. I really liked Dillons deals.
    In everyone else’s opinion where is the next cheapest place to shop in Springfield? That is if you happen to be local to my area….

  12. Sheri says

    Update for the Kansas side: The stores in Kansas are also implementing this policy. They start Spet 1st and most stores are just now getting the emails. It’s coming.

  13. Lisa says


    I shop in Springfield, MO as well. The only other grocery stores I shop in is Aldi and that is only for their wonderful fresh produce and cheap eggs and Harter House which I so shop at for their amazing quality meats. I also shop at the farmers market at the Mall and I do get wonderful deals by bartering. I have heard from time to time Food 4 Less has amazing deals, but I’ve never done the match ups myself. Perhaps I’ll have to start. Please respond here and let me know if you find anything worth while in our town. I know we have that Smitty’s but I have never even been in the store.

  14. Julie says

    How soon does the Hy Vee open in Springfield??? Maybe with more competition, Dillions will revisit this.

  15. Stacey says

    I urge EVERYONE to at least send an email. Most definitely, they’ll be getting less of my grocery dollars.

  16. Stacey M. says

    Has anyone been to Dillons today to try and see if they are still bumping up the coupons to a $1? I hope they at least still do this. I have talked to someone who has seen the coupon policy and said it states they are no longer going to be doing this. I am so confused!?!?!?

  17. Lisa says

    Great point Julie! I forgot that we were getting a Hy-Vee. I just read that they will start construction later this year and be open next summer.

  18. Fritzie says

    Hi Stacey M.,
    I know, the doubling of the coupons issue is confusing. The lady I spoke with in customer service at the actual store (who wouldn’t even let me look at the coupon policy & she had it in her hands) said that Dillons would no longer be doubling coupons over $0.50, BUT when I called Dillons Corporate Customer Service number today, the man I spoke with said that YES, we could still double coupons (i.e. $0.55 to $1.00, etc). I also suggested to him that Dillons post a coupon policy online to make it less confusing for customers. I mean Come ON Dillons, if Walgreens can finally cough up a Corporate Coupon policy, can’t you! 😕

  19. Stacey M. says

    Thank You for clearing that up, so we should have no problems with them bumping them up. I agree, you would think with this big of a shift in policy they would have something, anything on thier website!!

  20. Harmony says

    I was at Dillons in Spfld this morning…..they would not allow more than 2 IPs. And told me that the Qs over 50cents would not double to a dollar – but they did. I had several 75cent Qs that went up automatically to$1 just as they always did. Doubtful I will be doing much shopping at Dillons anymore =( Thinking of shopping more at Harter House – but not sure if they advertise their sales (?) or have a Q policy (?).

  21. Stacey M. says

    Harmony, did they say anything after they scanned your q’s and they ended up bumpping on up to a $1? I have never really shopped at Harter House but might check them out.

  22. Lisa says


    Which Dillons in Springfield did you shop at today?

    I just got of the phone with Dillons customer service and was told that all stores in Springfield WILL be doubling all coupons up to $1.00. She said that only store numbers 300-325 will not be doubling anymore. Here in Springfield all of our stores start with 100 so we will be doubling. She also said there is no limit or conditions on IP’s unless the specific store manager imposes them. She said the individual store managers can make any rule or adjustment they’d like. Ugh.

    I called in requesting a coupon policy and that they make one public to their customers and pointed out all the problems the lack of one makes. It seems like every customer service rep. has a different story on the coupon policy. The first one I got did not even know there was a new coupon policy.

    Harter House does have a mailing list just call and they will put you on it. However, I am not aware of a coupon policy. Good luck.

  23. Carrie says

    Maybe I need a Springfield Grocery store forum….to decided which store is overall cheapest. I was such a dedicated shopper to Dillons.

    Does anyone know what the ALP’s on the North side of town is like price wise? What about Murfins…would it be worth my time to drive from southwest Spfd to Willard to shop?

    Thanks Lisa for the ideas, I forgot about Aldi’s….
    I’ll have to start paying attention to Food 4 less.

    I do hope Dillons continues to double to a dollar at least.

    Maybe the new Hy-vee will be some good competition.

  24. Stacey says

    I know you can view the Harter House ad online at Harterhouse.com.

    The limit of 2 IPs per transaction is just ridiculous. Two per item,,,ok, but 2 per transaction? Since Harter House is within walking distance, they are looking more and more appealing.

    BTW, last week Harter House had tortilla chips by a company called Tejas, and they were the best tortilla chips I’d ever had!! Even better, they were $.99 for a big bag.

  25. says


    I do have a copy of the policy and it clearly states that they won’t be doubling 51¢-99¢ to $1. Hopefully they distributed the wrong information to the store, but I have one from each store and from both Gerbes locations and they are identical.

    The BOGO thing won’t matter, because we can’t use a BOGO coupon to get 2 items free. Each item rings up at half price, so you will save 75% with a BOGO coupon.

  26. Katie says

    Contacted customer service at my Topeka, KS Dillon’s and they had not heard of anything as of yet. (8/30) Our HyVee doubles on Tuesdays and Applemarket does everyday (both up to $1.00). We have other options besides Dillon’s if things get to that point!

  27. Letty says

    I really hope the Springfield stores are still “doubling” .51 cent and up coupons to $1! This is one of my main motivations to shop there versus Price Cutter and Walmart! Also, the limit of two IPs per transactions seems odd- surely it’s supposed to be 2 like IPs per transaction- I hope! I can totally understand the “no expireds”- I am secretly kind of happy about that one- they take up too much room in my binder anyway!

    I would totally recommend Aldi! Actually, I use them for my price point for cheese, eggs, and milk, etc. I will only buy elsewhere if those are cheaper somewhere else. There is one on the north and southish sides of town. Food 4 Less has good prices for meats. I buy most of mine there- for instance, generally lean (96/4) ground beef is $2.78/lb and boneless skinless chicken breast is $1.98/lb. Honestly though, I haven’t been there in a couple of months so don’t be mad if I’m wrong!

  28. says

    New policy details in Springfield, Mo:

    * No longer accepting expired coupons.
    * Will not accept “free item coupons” from the internet.
    * Will accept buy one get one free coupons.
    * Will only accept two internet coupons per manufacture, per customer, per day.
    * Manufacture coupons $.50 or less will double.
    * Manufacture coupons $.51 or greater will not double.

  29. Stacey says

    So, “per manufacturer” on IPs tells me I can use 2 IPs from General Mills and 2 IPs from Kelloggs. If they give me a problem, they can view the policy for themselves.

  30. says


    I’m pretty sure it will even be per product, not necessarily per manufacturer. It just means that you can’t use more than 2 identical coupons in each transaction. This is a common policy at many stores, I’m not sure why it’s leading to so much confusion.

  31. Krissy says

    I agree. The 2 like IPs per transaction shouldn’t be so confusing. Sure, we all have 14 computers and CAN print 28 of the same coupons. But the manufacturers set the 2 prints per computer for a reason…we just found a way around it.

  32. michelle says

    I just spoke to a lady at the customer service desk at the Dillons on Battlefield and here is what she said….
    1. No longer accepting expired coupons
    2. If the register will not scan the coupon it will not be accepted
    3. all coupons have to have a “watermark”
    4. Will only accept 2 IP’s for same item NOT transaction…her explanation was you can only use 2 IP coupons for cheese but then you could use 2 IP’s for cereal etc….
    5. you can use unlimited # of coupons from the newspaper
    Hope this helps but it sounds like we are all getting different answers!!!

  33. Lisa says


    I just spoke to Brian @ customer service for Dillons. He said that he was sending a notice to the Dillons on Battlefield that they are required to double coupons .51 cents and greater to $1.00. He also said that he was having them either mail me or have waiting for me at the customer service counter the coupon policy in writing stating that they do double .51 cents and greater up to $1.00. I will keep everyone posted and if I do get it in writing I will either post a link for the pdf or a picture. Lets keep the pressure on so they fix the issue.

  34. Jaxona says

    Thank you guys so much for all of your leg work! I love all of the great info you have been able to obtain. YOU ROCK!

  35. Kayla says

    Keep up Kansas gals posted. Wichita is a huge couponing area so there will be hundreds of us flooding corporate with e-mails if this does indeed take place. Thankfully, we have Target so if worse comes to worse I’ll take my business there. We get just as good of deals at Target so we won’t lose out on anything — just Dillons will.

  36. Helen says

    Called my store in Pittsburg KS and Sarah the mgr says the only thing that has changed for us is that we can’t use E-coupons and paper coupons on the same item, which is okay.
    I’ve talked to Sarah before and she says that she has noticed that they have gotten A LOT more business from couponers and she wants to keep us around! I am sooooo glad b’c all we have here is Dillons, Walmart and Rons IGA and Dillons has become my store of choice I would hate to leave them for Walmart. Our Walmart is NOT cheap!!

  37. Lisa says

    I received a call from the Assistant Store Manager and I rushed right to the store to talk face to face instead of on the phone; I wanted to put my eyes on that new coupon policy. 😉 And I’m so glad I did.
    The Assistant Store Manager filled me in that they were sent the Kroger Coupon Policy by a new Kroger employee and implemented it. Then tonight they were informed that the new policy that they implement was not intended for them and they have gone back to the previous policy. Thank you all! It was your phone calls and emails that made them realize the mistake!
    Each check out lane at the Dillons on Battlefield will now have a copy of the Dillons Coupons Guidelines Updated 8/31/2010. If you have any problems or questions just ask your checker to refer to the updated policy at the register. The Assistant Store Manager who was wonderful and very nice apologized for the confusion and just wanted to let me know that because of vacations and scheduled days off it will take time train the entire staff on it. But she (the ASM) has posted the Dillons Coupons Guidelines Updated 8/31/2010 in the appropriate places for the employees to see.
    Only one thing was different and I was thrilled. It was the Digital Coupons, it states “At this time Digital coupons do not double but will stack with paper coupons.” I am so glad they put this in writing.
    I just wanted to say I am very impressed with the respect and understanding I received from the Dillons Assistant Store Manager tonight. She imparted that they do not want to loose any business from this confusion. She had an entire list of customers she was calling tonight to apologize for the confusion and to answer their questions. Not only that she and Dillons are fully aware that Hy-Vee is going in across the street. Look out for some wonderful improvements at the Dillons store on Battlefield.

  38. Stacey says

    Wow, Lisa. Thanks for the info! I’m not exactly sure what confusion you are referring to, though. Is it the doubling of .51+ coupons? I am assuming they are still not going to accept expireds or take more than 2 IPs per item.

  39. Lisa says

    Hi Stacey,

    They are still doubling .51+ coupons they are still going to take more than 2 IPs per item and they are still going to take expired coupons up to 2 weeks after the expiration date. All is well.

  40. Leah says

    Hope everything truly is well. Never shopped at Dillons UNTIL I started couponing. They would definitely lose my business, which also includes my gas, since I get 10 cents off with them. I will email them also to confirm that Wichita,KS is still good!

  41. Sheri says

    I know for a fact that the Dillons policy PRIOR to this one had been changed to not accept expired couopns. My store still allows it becuase it is mgr dicretion I believe. I wish they would go back to stating that they take expireds on their policy as well.