My Aldi Shopping Trip (A whole lot of veggies!)

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So after my Price Cutter Shopping trip, I headed to Aldi to stock up on fresh veggies especially since they had so many crazy good deals this week ! I was able to pick up everything on my list except for the red potatoes, they just didn’t look all that appealing, so I passed this time around. Everything else looked great though so I’ll have plenty of fresh veggies to use this coming week. :)

  • 2 Cauliflower – $0.79 ea.
  • 2 packages of Broccoli Crowns (16 oz.) – $0.79 ea.
  • A Huge head of Cauliflower – $0.79
  • 2 Baby Carrots (16 oz.) – $0.59 ea.
  • 2 Bags of Yellow Onions (3 lb. bags) – $0.79 ea.
  • Skim Milk (gallon) – $2.81
  • German Pumpernickel Bread – $1.79 (I was absolutely intrigued by this bread, I couldn’t decide if it was going to be really wonderful or absolutely disgusting, so I had to give it a try. I’m game, I’ll try just about any food once. LOL)
  • Honey Wheat Bread (24 oz.) – $1.29
  • Iodized Table Salt – $0.35
  • Pinto Beans (big can) – $1.19
  • Final Cost $14.61