Barbie Sweet Talking Ken Doll $9.59 (Fun for all ages?)

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I was browsing around Amazon this morning and came across this fun deal. Get a Barbie Sweet Talking Ken Doll on sale for $9.59 on Amazon right now. This ships free with Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25 or with Amazon Prime. Prices fluctuate quite a bit on Amazon, so this deal can change at any time. Features:

  • This Ken is Barbie’s ultimate boyfriend. Why, you ask? Read on…
  • Ken says whatever you want him to say
  • He records up to 5 seconds of sound and plays back
  • 3 different buttons on Ken dolls back for record and playback
  • Play back in high, normal or low pitch

I have to admit when I came across this doll, it totally gave me a chuckle and then what really got my attention were the customer reviews, which is one of the things I love most about Amazon. It looks like this little guy is a fun toy for all ages. Here’s a few of the things they said, some of which cracked me up:

“This is far the most funniest ken doll to date!!!”

“Hearing a doll talk is always fun, even better when they repeat your lines, instead of repeating the same phrases over again. This is a nice change, for a talking doll. This Ken repeats what you say, so you can give it a little script to play out with Barbie. Its great! My daughter really enjoys playing with Barbie, dressing her up and changing her accessories. Now that she’s able to have Ken talk to Barbie, there is so much more do!”

“Santa left this Ken for my dad- who is a character, and notorious for playing Barbies in a hilarious way- as a joke, and so he could play with it with my daughter (4 yo) and people from 4-60 find this ken crazy funny, even the 12-16 yo girls in my neighborhood that come by to play with my daughter have a blast with it.”

“Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet Talkin Ken is a blast!!! He provides us hours of fun. Finally Barbie got it right!!! Sure, his hair is stiff and his pants come undone alot–and his arms and legs do not bend…but Ken ROCKS! He will say anything you ask him to say…and he can do it in 3 different voices!!”

“I had to laugh when I saw this Ken doll. It is great for me and my girlfriends who feel our partners are neglecting us. I have not received it yet but I know it will bring a lot of laughs for both partners as well as make a point to the neglectful significant other. Cant wait to have it talk to my husband. I bet a lot of grown women buy this doll.”

“This is the best Ken ever! My 6 year old daughter absolutely loves this toy and will not put him down.”