My Walmart Shopping Trip (Lunch for 2 only $0.98!)

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Earlier this week, I had a long list of errands I had put off for awhile which had me running in several directions.  I also stopped in at a few stores while I was out including this latest Walmart shopping trip. I had my trusty cooler along, so it was no biggie to pick up a few perishables along the way. Sadly, most of what I was looking for was out of stock. I have yet to find a single box of the small Bayer Aspirin that is priced at $2.22 in stock at any Walmart to use the yummy $3/1 coupons from the 6/24 SS insert on, but I am sure they will eventually turn up one of these days. At least the coupon doesn’t expire until mid-August, so there’s hope at some point at least. LOL I did up using several great coupons I had accumulated from various promotions but hadn’t used yet, so that was great.

Here’s what I did find:

  • 3 Diet Coke (2 liters) – $0.68,  I’ve been trying on & off for a long time to get away from sodas, but they continue to call me back. Hopefully one of these days, I’ll get motivated once again, but for now, not sop much. 😉
  • Laughing Cow Garden Veggie Spreadable Cream Cheese Wedges – $2.68, Used $2.00/1 coupon (no longer available)
  • Old Orchard 100% Grape Juice (64 oz.) – $3.18, Used FREE coupon
  • “Value” Napkins (150 ct.) – $0.97, I had not seen this at their store before, maybe it is part of a new budget type line and I thought the quality was just fine.
  • Voila Beef Lo Mein Meal – $3.98, Used $3.00/1 coupon (no longer available), And I cooked this up when I got home, it made a very nice lunch (plus leftovers for later) for John & I
  • Bounty Basic Paper Towels (single roll) – $1.00, Used $1.00/1 coupon (no longer available)
  • International Delight Iced Coffee (half gallon) – $3.98, Used FREE coupon from previous promotion
  • Final Cost $4.93